Broken Dreams is a short indie film currently in development from Copper Pen Pictures, LLC.

The comedy follows two roommates of the Peaceful Acres Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The two men couldn’t be more different. Frank Sapp is mad at the world and all of its inhabitants, especially his high-strung roommate Jimmy Rauls. Jimmy loves life and tries to squeeze every ounce of fun out of every moment he can. He especially loves to pester Frank.

Jimmy discovers another “inmate” has pills that give the vivid illusion of being young again, and he wants them badly. All efforts to recruit Frank to help him steal the pills fall on deaf ears as Frank wants nothing to do with Jimmy’s wild plans.

Then one night while lying in bed, Frank is overcome with emotions as he recalls Ringo, a dog he had as a child. In his mind he pictures he and Ringo running in his father’s cow pasture. Young Frank laughs as the retriever barks and chases him. With the nearest neighbor three miles away, Ringo was his only childhood friend. Oh, how he would love to run with ol’ Ringo just one more time.

Thoughts of Ringo cause Frank to reconsider Jimmy’s scheme. They hatch a plan to swipe the pills, but soon find out that trying to turn back time can have consequences they didn’t anticipate.

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